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Sanmari Vosloo

Healing holistically from the inside out.

Sanmari is a bodyworker passionate about using the body’s natural healing ability to bring healing to people who have been through a traumatic/stressful experience both physically and emotionally.


Sanmari helps clients to empower themselves consciously so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole and safe. She came to TRE® through her studies on psychological, body connections, her love for kids and their healthy development. When her own son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she became focused on finding modalities with concrete results which led to her personal healing journey.


As a result, she wishes to share this work with everyone. 


She is trained in various modalities and is vibrant and passionate about her work. She does individual and group sessions.


Empower yourself to use your body’s natural healing power to live a more fulfilling life.

Fields of interest

  • TRE® Provider
  • Body/Neuro therapies
  • Neurofeedback
  • Myofascial Release
  • Touch for TRE®
  • Unwinding

How does it work in practice?

I have a body therapy practice in Stellenbosch. The therapists that I work with and I tend to use a mix of approaches between us, depending on the client, and what emerges in a session.


A consent and information sheet will be filled in and I will firstly evaluate my client to identify which approach or modality would be best to start off with and whether we will incorporate other therapist skills, unless there is asked for a specific modality. As our session continues, I might ask a client simply to notice what appears in their awareness, in the moment and movement. Say for example s/he notices a tension in the chest. We might work directly with Myofascial release to release the tension and stuck fascia, or experiment with consciously increasing the tension, whilst looking out for any feelings, memories or images that appear. We could ask the client to begin paying attention to the sensation in the chest and track any changes, having first practised and understood safety protocol to help deal with any overwhelming feelings which might arise. The process  might invite the tension to speak, or move, or tell its story. We might investigate together how this tension serves the client, and how the rest of the body-mind relates to it. In choosing the particular approach we will often ask the body directly what it favours, and trust its response. This can take a bit of getting used to, but in my experience the body responds to being listened to, and will reveal more as it discovers a new channel of communication. There is no ‘correct’ line of investigation – the session is an experimental space where discoveries are made. It’s fascinating work! Body-centred approaches also work well with groups – which is why I also run group sessions.

Choosing a body therapist

Body psychotherapy treats mind and body as one interlinked system. I’d argue that it is a discipline distinct from conventional psychotherapy, with its own history, models and practices. Some practitioners are traditionally trained psychotherapists who have brought body wisdom into their work. Others may be bodyworkers 0r body centered therapists who have developed skills to deal with the psychological and emotional releases which hands-on work can evoke. Some will be formally trained and accredited through counselling and psychotherapy organisations, others will have studied with teachers, mentors and trainers who do not offer mainstream accreditation. Not all practitioners in the field call themselves psychotherapists – perhaps the best guide is to look at their training, their affiliations (if any), length of experience, and what they say about themselves. And trust your body’s reaction.

Psychologists that I work with

Minnie Jeanné Loubser

As a clinical psychologist I use my training and experience to guide clients and to help them move towards health, happiness and wellbeing. Clients consult me because of any form of distress, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, problems with relationships, problems with adjustment, concentration (ADHD), self-image, “grief and loss, or any form of trauma. 


Human beings can and resolve any form of distress or uncertainty. No issue or problem is too big or too small to bring to therapy.

Thea Coetzee

My hope for my clients is to determine which area of their life needs healing and improvement. 


I follow a client centred approach and rely on a variety of Therapeutic Approaches (Ego-state Therapy, Eye Movement Integration Therapy, Hypnosis and & Brain Working Recursive Therapy) to assist with your healing and growth.

Elonie de Klerk

As a counselling psychologist I use my training, professional and personal life experience to guide clients to freedom and healing from past traumas.


I see clients from all spheres of life and all ages. As a trauma survivor and victor myself, I believe it’s possible to heal from any trauma and that we are all able to live the life we were meant to live.

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