Additional Reading


  • Body Psychotherapy – an Introduction by Nick Totton.
  • Linda Hartley’s Somatic Psychology – Body Mind and Meaning is also a good introduction and includes more detail on underlying physiological and psychological theory.
  • Body-Centred Psychotherapy – the Hakomi Method by Ron Kurtz.
  • Damasio, A: The Feeling of What Happens. 1999
  • Gendlin, E: Focusing. 1978
  • Kepner, J: Body Process. 1987
  • LeDoux, J: Synaptic Self: How our brains become who we are. 2002
  • Levine, P: Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma.1997
  • Lowen, A: Bioenergetics. 1975
  • Ogden, P, Minton, K & Pain, C: Trauma and the Body – a sensorimotor approach to psychotherapy: 2006
  • Painter, J: Deep Bodywork and Personal Development. 1984
  • Rothschild, B: The Body Remembers. 2000
  • Seigel, D. The Developing Mind. 1999
  • Stern, D: The Interpersonal World of the Infant. 1985
  • Schore, A: Affect Regulation and the Origin of the Self. 1994

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